I’m excited to have gotten the green light to start a blog for Soleil By Design, LLC.  What’s going to make this Interior Design blog unique (I hope) is that I’m not a designer.   For about ten years my primary job was raising two little girls, and running a videography business out of my home; mostly as an outlet for my creativity.  I’ve been the Office Assistant here for about seven months, and have wanted to share what I’ve learned working with designers every day.

The first thing I learned was that there is a big difference between Interior Design and Interior Decorating.   Not to brag, but my designers can decorate with the best of them, and seem to really enjoy it. But they all have a passion for truly designing a home, which can involve moving/removing walls, and all of the elements within them.  It’s a lot more similar to Architecture than I ever realized (some schools even call their programs Interior Architecture), and not all about where to put a sofa or hang an art piece (although they often do decorate their completed projects – beautifully I might add!).

Interior Designers have a 4-year degree in Interior Design, and need to have extensive knowledge of electrical work, plumbing, construction, and everything else involved in the structure of the home.  Their job is to create a space that is functional for the homeowner’s needs, coordinate that function with the personal style of the homeowner and the architecture of the home, and provide the builder, architect, and or tradesmen with very detailed AutoCAD drawings (the same computer drafting program used by engineers and architects) and specification sheets (specs) with every minute detail they need to bring the design to life.

It really is astounding how much goes into these projects!

I thought you may enjoy seeing a few examples of project drawings.

Project Floor Plan and Elevation
Project Floor Plan and Elevation