We recently provided 10 tips for a better kitchen. Now, though, you’re setting your sights on the bathroom. Imagine this being space you’ll actually enjoy. With the right design, your bathroom can be one of your favorite rooms in the entire house (seriously). Here are seven modern bathroom ideas to consider as you get started:

  1. Tile and marble – Maybe you have absolutely no idea where to start. That’s ok! We recommend incorporating a combination of cobalt blue tiles and black and white marble for an attractive, contemporary look. We’re willing to bet that guests and the rest of the family will love it, too.
  2. Modern country – Would it make sense to combine rustic with clean, modern lines in the bathroom? We certainly think so. The right bathroom design professional should be able to make it happen.
  3. Simple, modern – Maybe you consider yourself to be a minimalist. If that’s the case, then a simple bathroom design makes a lot of sense. You can even get creative with the vanity and an undermount sink.
  4. Arched, modern – Some homeowners envision a modern, airy space for their bathroom. You can make this style happen thanks to high ceilings and a white color scheme. Again, hiring an interior designer who can handle custom aspects is especially important for this project.
  5. Modern, neutral – Picture it now: your shower is sheathed in travertine and the shower is tiled with tumbled marble. The possibilities are seemingly endless with a modern, neutral bathroom.
  6. Modern Art Deco – Keep in mind that an Art Deco Chinese rug serves as a nice contrast to the modern lines in a marble-clad bathroom. Plus, the rug adds a certain flair that the room probably never had.
  7. Modern mirrored – You deserve a luxury bathroom that can serve as your escape. A seasoned interior designer should be able to tell you about custom cabinets, a spa, and even a flat-screen TV in the bathroom. In no time, your bathroom can be your personal oasis.  

Premier Interior Design

Have you wondered if hiring an interior designer is worth the time and money? In short, the answer is yes. That said, not all interior design teams produce the same quality of work. Soleil By Design is an award-winning, residential design firm in Seattle. Part of what sets us apart is that we approach every project with more than just visual appeal in mind. Not only do we want our design to look incredible, but also function accordingly. You can count on us to provide unmatched results with practical and aesthetic solutions that go beyond your initial expectations.

Our staff is ready to take on your next bathroom design project. Should you choose to hire us, we will provide detailed drawings and specifications that are construction-ready. Not to mention, we will walk you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have along the way. The experienced staff at Soleil By Design will help make your dream bathroom a reality without breaking the bank.

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