I’ve learned that the interior design process is multi-faceted, much like the skill set and talents of my designers.  Part of that process, of course, is designing the floor plan of a home, which is obviously extremely important in both aesthetics and function.   Another aspect is the creative process of choosing the actual materials for a space.   I think that the colors and textures of a space give it personality, and influence your mood.

Working with interior designers, I have the opportunity to watch this creative process in action.  When they’re choosing the materials for a space, they’ll create little arrangements throughout the office, and collaborate until they determine the options they think the client will like the most.

Here is one example of the creative process at work.  Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Work in progress.
Work in progress.

This morning when I walked into the office I was greeted with the expansion of the creativity on this project. The materials selection has gone from the first photo to this, our 55″ x 72″ work table covered with color/texture options for this project.

Materials Options
Material Option Exploration