If you’re like me, you love design, furnishings, décor, and art. But a lot of us can’t, or are unwilling, to spend top dollar on everything that we love and want in our homes, especially the trends we like for a season or two.

Investing in high quality items that will receive a lot of love for years to come is a great idea. I personally believe it’s worth it to invest in items with more permanency in the home: flooring, cabinetry, countertops, and appliances should retain their beauty and function over time. You want them to endure both use and trends.  I also prefer that my larger furniture pieces, such as sofas and tables are more timeless and durable.

For everything else, you decide if an investment is worth it to you, or if you’d be happy with a less expensive version. Maybe there’s a specific decorative vase that you love and must have, no matter the cost.   Or maybe you found a similar version at a discount that you like just as much.

Or, you can try to Do It Yourself!   For me, this is where Pinterest comes in. The internet is full of great DIY ideas, and most of them are centrally located on Pinterest.   You can search for a specific idea, or peruse for new ideas, and “pin” them to try later.   I have a few ideas on my DIY board that are on my Fall to-do list.

One of my favorite DIY projects was a giant ruler I use to measure my children’s growth, similar to one I saw at one of my favorite retailers.   I was able to purchase the wood at the local hardware store, and they cut it to length for me. Following the DIY directions was quite simple. Sand, stain, measure, stencil, and Voila! My family has a growth chart that we absolutely love.

If you’re interested in creating your own ruler, this is the link I used.


And here is my own version.