An integral part of one of our current custom home projects is faux finishing throughout
the home. Oftentimes people think of faux painting as just being for walls or intricate
ceiling designs. But we at Soleil By Design, LLC like to think outside the box, creating faux details in places like mantels, moldings and millwork, tile, and even outlet covers to
match a backsplash tile!
We’ve worked with Tracy Wade Designs in the past on creating a faux exotic “wood”
mantel using a custom non-combustible concrete mantel. Tracy did such a wonderful job on that, we knew she was the perfect artist for the faux finishing needed in this current project!
This custom home has an elevator that the designer, Ellie, felt needed “just a little more”
than a typical door. Searching the country, we found an original hotel elevator dial from
an antique shop in Chicago that seemed like the perfect fit to add history and character to the space. Once the dial was delivered to our design studio, Ellie realized that we needed to go yet one step further with the design. Tracy was called in to match the white molding around the door to the color, appearance, and texture of the solid iron antiqued dial. Now the ornate iron-detailed glass door, molding, and hotel dial are fused together as one striking focal point. (pictured below)Because fireplaces require combustible materials only within a certain distance from the fireplace unit itself, occasionally our designers want the mantel to be located closer to the fireplace (a.k.a. closer to the heat) then that is recommended. Thus, we design non-combustible mantels (concrete, cast-stone, etc) and have them faux finished to look like wood.
Tracy is nearly finished with a faux Rustic Alder wood mantle (pictured be-low). Her
artistry brings the mantle to life! Not yet photographed are the out-lets she’s finishing to
blend into the tile backsplash in the kitchen.
You can see the incredible difference in both the elevator door and fireplace mantle in the photos below.

Before and After Elevator Finish
Before and After Elevator Finish
Before and In-Progress Fireplace Mantle
Before and In-Progress Fireplace Mantle

To see more of Tracy’s work, visit her website.