I had the opportunity to participate in an informational training session from our rep Amanda from Cosentino about a product called Dekton yesterday.   Dekton is a porcelain-like slab product that looks similar to some natural stones (like Calcutta and Carrara marbles), engineered quartz, concrete, and even wood grain, depending on which style and color you choose.

This is a product that can be used in indoor and outdoor applications for countertops, floors, shower walls, benches, etc…the possibilities are endless!  Stain proof and scratch resistance are great selling points for this product, but even more impressive is the heat and cold resistance for outdoor applications.  It is warranteed to be freeze and frost proof, with a promise not to fade under UV light!  Amanda said we could use this as patio flooring in a climate with heat in the 100’s during the day and below zero at night, and it will not crack from the temperature changes.    Incredible.

We have a client whom we’re creating an outdoor space for, and this product is a real contender for their patio flooring and counters.  I’m eager to see what they think.

We’re also considering adding Dekton to one of our design studio’s work tables. With constant use of materials for our clients, our tabletop needs to be durable and scratch resistant. What a great opportunity for our work surface to not only be practical, but also beautiful for our designers!

Just look at it!   Isn’t it gorgeous?

Living room c
Dekton Surfaces