Just as each person is unique, their needs and desires for their living spaces are unique as well.

What makes a great designer is the innate talent and skill to design for any style of home. Whether Victorian, ultra modern, Asian inspired, on the beach, or a cabin in the mountains, our designers have the expertise to design the interior to fit seamlessly with the architecture of the home and personal style of its owners.

Our designers take the time to get to know the needs and desires for each client, and to create a space that meets the client’s lifestyle, vision, and project goals that are unique only to them. While we find that many clients in our region of the country prefer “neutral” colors and a “traditional” style, we also get a lot of requests of modern design, Northwest Contemporary, and other design styles. Designing specifically to the variety of architecture and clients’ personal aesthetics is what makes designing fun for our designers. Our portfolio reflects this incredible versatility of design.

I thought it would be fun to illustrate our designers’ creative versatility with a collage of spaces that are as vastly different and unique..

The first collage is “Versatility in Bathroom Design”. Please take a look and share your thoughts! Which design would you choose?

Bathroom Design Variety